Kodi is a piece of software most known for its front and center media attention regarding piracy and copyright infringements.  However was sometimes not is sometimes not understood, is that Kodi only just serves as an open source media platform and the piracy actually just comes the add-on developers that are not connected with Kodi in any way. And even some of those developers aren’t even the pirates themselves, as much of the time they just add as search engines scouring the internet existing streams.

However, it definitely cannot be denied that Kodi has quickly become premier software for the low-cost high performing android tv systems than is replaces cable set-top boxes and often the pricey cable plans that go with it. The ability to stream tv shows and movies with no restrictions by using super add-ons like the infamous Covenant Kodi addon is leading the platforms to rise to popularity. But it’s not just movies and TV shows. With the ability to access repositories of add-ons like the SuperRepo it’s been easy for users to access all sorts of addons like the famed anime addon Kissanime, the ability to download subtitles using the best subtitles for Kodi Opensubtitles.

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